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Gina’s eclectic energy and trail-blazing style stood out through high-school and into college where she attempted, unsuccessfully, to bring back neon green lycra, orange bell-bottoms, and crying in public. She has since harnessed her exploding emotions and organs and focused them into her acting. 


In first grade Gina was labeled as “dramatic.” Every day after lunch she would put on a big show about how she felt sick and needed to call her mom. Blessed with a 96.8 degree body temperature, thus never having a “fever”, she was never allowed to call. One day Gina’s Mom kept her home from school and took her to the doctor. Here she was vindicated when the doctor said her appendix was exploding and it was time for, drum roll please, emergency surgery!


This was Gina’s first experience with a super power. She had earned her stripes to call her parents at any time. She used this time to hone her acting craft with day time calls to her mother, father, grandmother and various aunts and uncles. Since then, she has given up the corded secretary’s phone to train at Lesly Kahn & Co. and with The Groundlings. She now uses her ability to cry, be a superhero, and get a stomach ache (thank you crafty) in a more fitting manner. 


Gina lives in Los Angeles with her two guitars, five afghans, hand crocheted by Grandma, and her unbalanced record collection. 

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Gina is in the movie Rogue Warfare: The Hunt that hit was recently a surprise Number 1 hit on Netflix. It can be streamed on Netflix, iTunes and rented at Redbox. The final film of the Rogue trilogy is set to be released September 24, 2020. The Rogue Warfare Trilogy was directed by Mike Gunther and stars Will Yun Lee, Chris Mulkey, and Stephen Lang. 

Checkout Gina in a silent black and white film that is currently making the festival rounds on the reel page.  ​​

Gina's has multiple projects in post

* Twin Piques - A bride attends her own  bachelorette party that takes a dark turn.

* Day Camp, - Two adult camp leaders bring a slice of camp life to real life.

*The Voice,- Sabrina, a wife of a wealthy socialite, in a dystopian society must navigate an uncomfortable dinner party.